About Us

Cosvitec center for Research, Higher Education and Employment.

Cosvitec University & Enterprise is a nonprofit consortium company, participated by university departments, enterprises, primary production consortia, and processing industries.


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Students who have been trained in our education center


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Cosvitec is a professional training agency accredited by the Campania region. As a training agency, we deal with structuring training paths suitable for individuals and companies.


Our research center links the university and business worlds, with the aim of fostering the birth and growth of innovative companies.


Cosvitec is an employment agency accredited by Anpal. We aim to act as a bridge between offer and demand in the labor market and to help companies and workers match.

Our Action Range

Over the years we have carried out numerous projects in the field of training, research and labor policies on a national and international scale. Even today Cosvitec has partnerships all over the world with a variety of institutions, companies, universities, research centers, and foundations in the branches of training, technology, innovation and research. Our actions aim not only to generate a consistent impact in Italy, but to create scalable models and methodologies that can be applied in international contexts.

Our Expertise

Our working methodology is based on analytical problem definition for individual aspects, solved by a coordinated team of high-profile professionals with different specializations. The great expertise of our staff in the areas of education, research and labor, together with our large network of experienced professionals and lecturers, allows us to pursue each of our activities with consistency and excellence. Great attention is given to innovative processes and to methodologies and applications that can make a project unique.


The Facility…

Our expertise is also reflected in the classrooms and laboratories of our facility, and in the highly qualified technical staff ready to respond to any need that may arise during the use of our environments.

The facility is equipped with interactive classrooms equipped with digital whiteboards, video projectors and classroom management PCs. Due to the great versatility of the environments, Cosvitec is able to adapt the teaching rooms for conferences, workshops and training. To facilitate participation in courses, we also have an e-learning platform for distance learning, which is connected with the teaching rooms and allows activities to be carried out in blended mode. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and internet connection.
Our computer lab is specially structured for “learning by doing” teaching methodology: the air-conditioned room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, teacher’s station and individual stations for students, each equipped with a PC with dedicated hardware and software. The environment is completed by a fast Internet connection and a new-generation sound system. Interactive courses, exams and workshops can be held in this environment.
The Microbiological Laboratory with its infrastructure and analytical procedures pertinently validated internally and through participation in national and European interlaboratory circuits, ensures the widest range of research in the field. It holds expertise, equipment and protocols tracing all microbiological analyses commonly required for a verification of industrial hygiene, food safety (HACCP), ecological and agronomic system compliance. The laboratory’s mission is also to generate a microbiological culture and transfer knowledge in all those areas where production has complete or partial dependence on the environmental or product or process status.
The instrumentation of our Chemical laboratory includes specialized sections for outdoor surveys regularly provided with equipment for field analysis and sampling according to specific technical standards. It joins the microbiological laboratory, with which it shares some equipment.