Our training courses are designed to be didactically innovative, both in terms of content, which covers extremely current topics, and in terms of delivery methods.

E-learning Platform

Our elearning platform for online learning is full of professional training courses and moocs with international value.

Our international training courses

We regularly organize courses of international value that are held at our headquarters in Naples. Thanks to our commitment to the Erasmus+ program, we deliver courses that cover a great variety of fields and can serve as professional development for lots of people. We align all our courses with the current needs of the sectoral labor market and the skill development expectations of the European Union.

Our courses can be benefited by:

  • Young students
  • Adult student
  • Professionals
  • Teachers

Cosvitec can organize international training courses in the following countries

  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Spain


Traineeship opportunities

Are you looking for a host institution for your Erasmus+ internship? We at Cosvitec have so much experience with these internships. We can guarantee an excellent onboarding program and an attractive training plan.

Internships available at Cosvitec are in the following areas:

  • European project design
  • Training and employment (italian mandatory)
  • Schooling (Italian mandatory)
  • Communication
  • Scientific research
  • IT

If you are interested in another field, Cosvitec can act as an intermediary for you and find the most suitable company to host your internship in Naples, Bucharest and Seville. 

Job opportunities

Are you looking for a job in italy? Cosvitec, thanks to its large network of partner companies, can research and match you with different Italian companies and get you an interview to start working in Italy. 

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