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Cosvitec helps you with internationalization of your school through the Erasmus+ program. Discover all the possibilities of the program and write a winning project for your institution.
Our free advisory service for orientation to the Erasmus program is available to all European schools and vet centers.

Project Design

Do you wish to write a project for the Erasmus+ program? Cosvitec supports headmasters and teachers free of charge with a strong project design consulting activity, thanks to our great expertise in the field. Our network in Erasmus+ allows us to be constantly updated on the best design techniques, so that we can enrich teachers’ skills and lead schools to write winning mobility projects.


Do you need support for the implementation of your mobility? With extensive experience in Erasmus+ mobility, Cosvitec can become your hosting organization. Our connections with schools and local companies allow us to better organize school and VET mobilities, ensuring high quality training activities and valuable experiences for students and school staff, also thanks to our network of extremely competent teachers.

Learning Experiences

  • Teachers:We can organize training courses for groups of teachers based on classroom learning and job shadowing activities.
  • Learners: thanks to our Naples Erasmus+ city format, we are able to structure classroom training courses contaminated with cultural and educational activities that are based in the city of Naples. 
  • Traineeship: 

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Why Cosvitec?

Certified Quality

The quality of our services and expertise has been Certified by the National Agency with Erasmus+ Accreditation in the Vocational Education and Training sector
2021-1-IT01-KA120-VET-000046792 and with Erasmus+ Accreditation in the Adult sector 2022-1-IT02-KA120-ADU-000109979.

Become a Partner

Cosvitec carries out intensive design work on an international, national and local scale. Our design experience, combined with the most diverse school contexts, can result in high-impact projects. That is why we are continually seeking schools with which to develop partnerships and implement projects that address the following areas of interest:

Areas of Interest

School dispersion

Youth Discomfort

Social Inclusion

Gender Equality

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