COSVITEC organizes…

Cosvitec stands as a qualified reference point in the management of individual and organizational growth processes, specifically:

Validly supports Clients and traces with them the most suitable path to the enhancement and improvement of organizational and production processes using highly innovative and rapidly deployable technologies and applications

Provides the most suitable training opportunities to meet the demands of the labor market through pathways aimed at creating qualitatively innovative professional figures

Provides advice and support to different business entities for the proper use of public funding opportunities (EU, ministerial, regional and provincial funds)

Coordinates and integrates research and development activities carried out by the companies’ internal technical resources in collaboration with the specialized expertise within the University

COSVITEC constantly organizes conferences, conventions seminars and scientific work shops in order to disseminate and transfer the results of its activities to the system.

Cosvitec ensures scientific technology transfer by making use of the existing synergy between academia, business and institutional realities.

The scientific dissemination events, which Cosvitec organizes, very often feature among the keynote speakers: renowned scientists from Italy and abroad, eminent academics, as well as government and institutional representatives.

COSVITEC, nel pieno rispetto del proprio statuto, ha come priorità la diffusione della conoscenza finalizzata all’Innovazione, partendo dalla consapevolezza “che non esiste Innovazione se non si implementano adeguati progetti di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, in quanto la Ricerca e lo studio delle nuove conoscenze, l’innovazione è l’applicazione di queste in prodotti e servizi di successo”.


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