Supporting Research

Cosvitec partners with research organizations and researchers in the development of their projects and professional activities. We provide advice and support for scientific research, working on the principle of continuous innovation and alignment of design strategies with industry trends.

Our expertise touches on the following areas as our main research fields: 



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Our resources also enable us to customize support even for research projects in new field

We help researchers, institutions and research centers in the following activities:

Fundraising and Project Design

With extensive experience in research design, Cosvitec can help researchers find the perfect grant or financing fund to develop their research project. In addition, thanks to the specific design skills of its staff, it can support researchers in the actual writing of the project to obtain the necessary funding.


Cosvitec assists researchers throughout the patenting process, from prior art analysis to patent filing. By working with experienced professionals in the field, Cosvitec can ensure the protection of the intellectual property of research projects and all resulting products.

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From Idea to Reality!

Cosvitec idea center is the program that fully supports researchers in the development of their research project. Find out how to turn your idea into a product or process to market with the constant support of our experienced team.

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Ongoing Research Projects:

Research Projects Accomplished: