Business Organizations

Professional Training

Cosvitec is accredited by the Campania Region as a Professional Training Body. Our company offers to organizations the services of designing and delivering upskilling and reskilling paths for their staff, both in Italy and abroad

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Training Paths

Cosvitec builds training paths tailored to the needs of each company and its employees. Our corporate training programs act on all levels: manager, senior, middle and junior. Our synergetic methodology and the intensive link with international organizations allow us to analyze in detail the peculiar business context and identify the best solution to enhance human resources and ensure a constant growth of skills.

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Research and Development

Cosvitec provides assistance for numerous corporate and industrial research and development projects:

Technology Transfer

Cosvitec is an investee corporation of several university departments, making it the perfect partner for technology transfer projects. Our rich expertise and facilities are available to your company to support you throughout the technology transfer process.


Thanks to the numerous projects developed nationally and internationally, Cosvitec is able to support companies in the development and filing of patents.


Cosvitec’s international network and foreign offices are a perfect starting point for business internationalization processes. Expand your business, thanks to the great experience of our company, contacts with foreign countries will be much easier.

Human Resources


Due to our commitment to the Erasmus+ traineeship program and our status as a vet center, we can count on a large number of students interested in internship positions in different industries. By joining the Cosivtec network, companies will have the opportunity to host interns for short or long periods of work-based training.


As an employment agency accredited by Anpal, we have the possibility to operate as a platform for matching offer and demand in the labor market. We are able to identify, if required, the most suitable resources to hire from entry level to management level.


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