Funding body
Ministry of Education

Proposing party.
Institute I.P.I.A. “F. Enriques” – Portici (NA)

The integrated school-business pathway aims to prepare students to face the working reality. Cosvitec soc. cons. a r.l. was responsible for the design, organization and implementation of the following two training courses:

Mod 1 “Automation and the Programmable Logic Controller”
Mod 2 “Management and Automation with Computer Aided Drafting.”

The objective of the current courses is to enable the students to be able to use in its most relevant functions on PLC programming and CAD software in full autonomy and, at the same time, transfer basic notions concerning design, which are essential for proper use of the tools. These are courses aimed at a “Job oriented” training in which a methodological approach is used with a look at the procedures used in the world of work, which guarantees the student to approach the “modus operandi” typical of mechanical companies in general, so as to be able to quickly and successfully enter the industrial working fabric.
The training mode provides a different way of acquiring knowledge and skills based on the alternation between classroom training moment and a practical application moment, according to the logic of learning by doing, better meeting the student’s individual training needs.
Finally, alongside the technical subjects addressed through practical workshops, orientation and workplace safety modules have been implemented at the beginning and end of the course, respectively, aimed at enriching the students’ training.