MINISTRY-ICE-CRUI Framework Agreement MAP Circular No. 511049, Oct. 27, 2003

Project title.
BuffaloTEC “Process of internationalization of production systems of the buffalo supply chain in Campania: techniques for improving milk production and technology transfer to Brazil”

Funding Entity
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Proponent Subject.
University of Naples “Federico II” Department of Animal Sciences and Food Inspection – Faculty of Agriculture Portici.

Italian Partners
ANASB – National Association of Buffalo Species Breeders
CIPAB – Consorzio Incremento Produttivo Allevamenti
Consortium for the protection of buffalo mozzarella cheese
Garofalo srl
Foreign Trade Institute

International Partners
Universidade de Sao Paolo – Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia
ABCB – Associacao Brasileira de Criadores de Bufalos
Tecnopec – Consultoria Comercio e Rapresentacao LTDA

Implementation of information and training activities in Italy and Brazil.
Transfer of innovative biotechnologies in agro-industrial research, with particular attention to buffalo production.