Social media manager

Course intended for the unemployed, recipients of income support and social safety nets, and fragile or vulnerable workers between the ages of 30 and 65.


Our Social media manager course aims to train new professionals in the area of content creation and maintenance of social platforms. The Social Media Manager is responsible for the operational management of an organization, company or brand’s official profiles, pages and accounts on social networks. He or she analyzes and interprets data from the web and social media through network analysis and listening tools to identify trends and target marketing and communication activities. The social media manager works as an employee in a web agency or communications agency that offers social channel management services (such as social media agency), or within the marketing department of an organization. He or she may also work as a freelance consultant experienced in social media management.
The in-person course for Social media manager is aimed at people with a passion for digital and curiosity about the world of social media. No basic skills in the field are required.

Units of expertise:

1.Identification of the social media strategy
2.Development and management of the social media communication plan
3.Monitoring of social platforms and performance measurement


Target audience:

unemployed, recipients of income support and social safety nets, and frail or vulnerable workers between the ages of 30 and 65.

Professional economic sector:

SEP-24 Common Area

EQF level:


Route ID:



long course



Course hours:

210 hours

Workshop/Stage Hours:

90 hours

Hourly allowance:

1,00 euro per hour

Unique project code:

In the process of being defined

Description of needs:

In Cosvitec’s analysis of the companies in its network, a need emerges for figures with skills in corporate communications.
Also in the demand analyzed by the Excelsior information system of figures required by companies, a prevalence of professions in digital marketing is noted, including business analyst, social media manager and digital media specialist. In fact, corporate communication has become of paramount importance for the relevance of companies that are increasingly investing in communication and advertising their services also on social communication channels and through their websites.

Companies involved:

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