Cosvitec Idea Center

The first Italian accelerator for research projects.

Looking for the right partner to pursue your research project and patent your idea? Cosvitec is at the side of researchers for the development of their innovative ideas and projects. Also making use of a wide network of public and private organizations at the national and international level, Cosvitec is able to support the researcher at every stage of the development of their research.

Fundraising Radar

Cosvitec belongs to several networks with easy access to calls and funding for research projects. Our team can find the perfect funding to implement your research project.

Project Design Assistance

With extensive expertise in design, Cosvitec can provide the necessary support for researchers to write research projects. We put all our project design knowledge to use to turn your idea into reality.


Cosvitec provides the necessary technical, management and validation support for the implementation of research projects. Thanks to our laboratories and our network of companies, universities and research institutions, we can support you as a partner in both the project idea development and "go-to-market" phases, ensuring the proper contacts to realize your project.


Cosvitec also supports researchers in patenting their idea, product or process. With numerous patents already filed, we are able to provide you with complete support at this extremely important stage of your research project.

Dissemination Assistance

Cosvitec's team is available to support researchers in the dissemination phase of research results. Thanks to our dissemination strategies, your project can achieve high visibility among researchers and companies interested in your idea.

Do you have a research idea to develop? Join Cosvitec idea center.

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