Reference call:

EraNet Blubio Cofund



Funded by:

Horizon 2020


36 months

Role held:

Implementing partner


In line with the ERANET BLUBIO call, the goal of the EuFish project is to reevaluate underutilized European fish species through the development of species-specific fingerprints to be shared with stakeholders, SMEs and consumers with a dedicated database. The development of these fingerprints focuses on analyzing the nutritional values of fish species considered “low value.” The project aims to highlight their value to stakeholders and consumers to help prevent overfishing of other fish, promoting restocking in a sustainable approach to marine ecosystems and biodiversity. A second pillar of this proposal is to obtain new derived fish products and feed for aquaculture. The project will strengthen the economic and social development of European activities related to the fishing industry by introducing innovations in the fish sector to support the national economy.

Project value:

541.000,00 EURO

Main activities/outputs:

Sampling, database, reports, consumption analysis, project site, products to market.


University of Studies Federico II of Naples (Italy), AcquaBioTech Limited (Malta), Matis (Iceland), Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Italy), Brim (Iceland), Grímur kokkur (Iceland), Impronte digitali (Italy)

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