Famega-Employment of Phages and Fungal Metabolites in the Prevention of Bacterial Gastroenteritis in Humans
OP ERDF 2007-2013 – Operational Objective 2.1 – CAMPAN BIOTECHNOLOGIES NETWORK.
A.P. call for the implementation of the Campania biotechnology network.

Project title

Famega-Employment of Phage and Fungal Metabolites in the Prevention of Bacterial Gastroenteritis in Humans
Prot. PG/2012/231937 submitted on 03/26/2012


The FAMEGA Project – FAgi and MEtabolytes vs. GAstroenteritis – has as its first objective to select and produce a collection of lytic bacteriophage strains active toward bacterial targets responsible for gastroenteritis in humans, such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp, at the same time, a second objective is to do a screening of metabolites produced by endophytic mycetes with antibiotic activity toward the same pathogenic microorganisms.
The ultimate goal is to find a new product consisting of a mixture of specific bacteriophages and metabolites extracted from endophytic mycetes, which would be a viable alternative to common antibiotics already in use, to be placed on the market and usable industrially in the agribusiness and livestock sectors to curb the problem of microbial contamination of foodstuffs. The new product of all-natural origin could have potential application for controlling the spread of pathogenic microorganisms even on animals and humans by performing the task of any therapeutic agent with antibiotic activity.
At the same time, the Project has set itself another important goal, to create a database containing all the data related to the implementation of existing biobanks and to create new ones to be made available and to undertake a process of technology transfer between the Project partners, SMEs in the national and international food production industry sector, and the scientific community, thus enabling the dissemination and making available of the innovations and know-how that will be acquired from time to time during the project activities. The synergy between the various partners will be made fast and efficient especially through the application of computer systems for data management and storage that will contribute to the realization of the entire FAMEGA network.
All entities taking part in the Project can gain visibility and benefits especially for the opportunity they will have to bring innovative, patentable and highly competitive products to the market.