Project title

One of the many aims of the Grape And Health Wine project, hereafter referred to briefly as GHW, was to develop innovative solutions for the production of improved enzymes derived from food co-products, by-products and residues.
Some of the work phases into which the entire GHW project was divided, indicated by the acronym PL (Work Package), and in particular PL 60 and PL 61, allowed for the study of enzyme families best suited to the predetermined purpose, in such a way as to enable the development of improved enzyme solutions compared to existing commercial enzyme solutions for the purpose of more effective polyphenol and anthocyanin extraction.
For this purpose, a concentrated enzyme mixture characterized by the presence of Thricoderma reseei and Aspergillus niger with the following activity characteristics was therefore produced:

  • Pectinase activity 12,110 U/ml
  • Hemicellulase activity 199 U/ml
  • Cellulase activity 285 U/ml

This enzymatic mixture was then distributed to the partner wineries of the project – Donnafugata, Falesco, Vigne&Vini – in order to be able to verify its effectiveness directly in the winery as well as test the application protocols indicated to the wineries themselves for the use of the enzymatic mixture.