Management and traceability of the livestock supply chain”
“Interventions aimed at vocational training of Italians residing in countries outside the European Union” ‘Notice 1/2007.

Implementing entity
Cosvitec soc. cons. a r.l. University&enterprise

Proposing entity
Department of Soil, Plant, Environmental and Animal Production Sciences (DISSPAPA), Faculty of Agriculture University of Naples “Federico II”

International Partners
Club Pyme Italy

Funding Body.
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The core activity of the Magistra project is the realization of a master’s degree for the qualification of 18 “Experts in management and traceability of the livestock supply chain” addressing the most important management aspects of the livestock supply chain, for the purpose of sustainability of livestock enterprises and eco-compatibility.
Magistra, thanks to the fruitful encounter of the Italian and Argentine cultures, aims to contribute: to the practical implementation of knowledge on the management of quality systems in the livestock sector; to increase the export power of Argentine companies in which they work; to promote the job placement of young people trained in business consulting activities; to increase the propensity for product, process and organizational innovation of Argentine companies; to promote research and innovation in strategic sectors; to train highly qualified Italian personnel; and to the development of the Argentine livestock sector,
The project represents a job placement opportunity for Italians residing in the La Plata (Argentina) district, in a key sector such as livestock production.