Pon R&C 2007-2013 AXIS I – support for structural changes operational objective: networks for strengthening the scientific-technological potential of convergence regions ii action: public-private laboratories and related networks

EPA – Expert in quality and safety systems management and creation of advanced polymeric materials for packaging of agri-food products

Proposing entities.
– University of Naples “Federico II” – Department of Agriculture
– University of Naples “Federico II” – Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production
– University of Naples “Federico II”-Department of Pharmacy
– Cosvitec limited liability consortium company

Funding body
MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research

The master’s degree “Expert in management of quality and safety systems and creation of advanced polymeric materials for the packaging of agri-food products” proposed within the scientific research project Advanced Materials for Research and the Agri-food Sector by the public-private aggregation M.A.R.E.A. scarl intends to specialize 20+4 graduates (master’s degree in technical-scientific disciplines) on the topics of food safety and quality and the creation of innovative bioactive biodegradable packaging.
The students will acquire knowledge on the safety and certification of agri-food products, EU legislation on food safety, the different quality management systems, the design and creation of biodegradable bioactive packaging,the formulation of new membranes additivated with metabolites and/or peptides with preservative action to obtain foods with a longer shelf life, and the management of business organizational processes.