Pon R&C 2007-2013 – II action: public-private laboratories and related networks

Project Title.
ERICA – Expert in Research and Innovation for eCompatible productions of the olive oil supply chain.

Proposing entities.
Soc. Consortile Cosvitec A R.L.,
Cnr, Istituto Per La Protezione Delle Piante, Ipp,

Funding Entity.
MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research

The ERICA training project aims to specialize 19 graduates (master’s degree in scientific disciplines) on the topics of the LINFA-Public Private Aggregation research project. Participants will gain knowledge regarding environmentally sustainable crop defense, new frontiers of food safety (i.e. metabolites of pesticides and mycotoxins), new products and processes for obtaining functional foods and pertaining to the following topics: i) biopesticides/bioamendants with beneficial microbial-based properties for crop defense; ii) the study of complex plant/pathogen/beneficial microorganism interactions in agro ecosystems and the application of innovative techniques (i.e. proteomics, metabolomics, etc.); (iii) study and application of microbial metabolites useful in defense; (iv) recovery of agro-industrial processing wastes for the growth of beneficial microorganisms; (v) food safety and metabolites of pesticides and mycotoxins (new frontiers of safety); (vi) study and application of enzymatic mixtures for the decontamination of complex matrices (raw materials and wastes); and (vii) functional foods and product innovation.The trainees will carry out internships with priority at the companies of the Aggregation where they will acquire skills in the design and management of research and development interventions, offering them the possibility, once the training activity is over, to find employment within these companies