“Master’s degree in management of quality systems in the agribusiness sector.”
National Operational Program “Scientific Research, Technological Development, Higher Education” 2000-2006 Notice No. 4391/2001 – Objective 1 Axis III Measure III 4

Proposing entity.
Department of Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy of the Territory – Faculty of Agriculture University of Naples Federico II.

Implementing party
Cosvitec soc. cons. a r.l.

Funding body
Ministry of Education, University and Research

The Master’s course aims to create Professional figures who can, thanks to the skills acquired during the course of the project, develop their professionalism in the field of quality systems management from a multidisciplinary perspective.
The professional figure under consideration will also make use of transversal competencies consisting of the skills acquired to fill the respective roles and functions of the company.
In addition, he or she will be equipped with good interpersonal skills in that throughout the training he or she will carry out group activities and draft manuals with colleagues.
The High Professional Training figure emerging from the project is aimed at graduates in scientific and economic-legal disciplines.

Outgoing professional figure
Expert in management of quality systems in the agribusiness sector.