CIPE Resolution 80/2004 – Measure 5
Proposing party.
Municipality of Cava de Tirreni and Municipality of Sarno

Implementing Subjects
– COSVITEC University&Enterprise
– C.N.R. – Institute of Agro – Environmental and Forest Biology
– MATER scarl-Management Training Education Research
– University “Federico II” Department of Arboriculture and Plant Pathology section-Faculty of Agriculture

Funding Entity
Ministry of ‘Environment and Protection of Land and Sea

“Specialist in Land Management and Protection”

The objective of the “Officina Ambiente” project is the mitigation of environmental degradation and elimination of risk for the population living in the area, through the study and testing of innovative methodologies aimed at finding a new balance between the natural and man-made environment.
Redevelopment of the territory through also reforestation interventions with native plant species, but not only. Requalifying the territory will also mean considering study hypotheses inherent to territorial animation activities aimed at increasing the visibility of latent potential of the territory, to be finalized especially to Scientific Tourism. Redevelopment of a disused area, (in the locality of San Pietro in Cava De’ Tirreni) that currently creates a crisis point for the architectural and environmental continuity of the territory and whose state of abandonment turns out to be of extremely negative impact for the context, especially with regard to the considerable presence of asbestos ascertained.
Training open to citizens, but also to local governments. The aim is to update skills that may be lacking in versatility, and educate the entire community to a civic environmental consciousness.