Project title
P.R.O.S.I.T.- Network Program for Employment and Integrated Territorial Development
Professional Technical Pole

“P.R.O.S.I.T.- Network Program for Employment and Integrated Development of the Territory” envisages the correlation between sectors (agribusiness, food and wine, tourism and cultural heritage) aggregated with a view to the unified management of tourist flows and the creation of a hospitality chain.
The project aims to implement an articulated and shared system of integration between the systems of school education, training and work that operates through dynamic and innovative learning contexts.

-value the experiences gained by partner organizations in the implementation of vocational education and training, non-university higher education, school-to-work alternation, and relational (language, communication, digital) and organizational (management, administrative, accounting, etc.) skills development paths;
-fostering the link with active labor policies, through initiatives of guidance, tutorship, placement and accompaniment to business creation.

Azioni Previste

-Placement Activities: the Cluster, in its portfolio of services offered, intends to propose an integrated placement counseling system aimed at assisting young people in the active search for concrete job opportunities, configuring itself as the operational arm of active training and labor policies in the area. Reception, career guidance counseling, support for active job search, integration between education, training and the world of work (recruiting days)
-Internship activities: internship projects in some of the most significant areas of the company will be planned and scheduled, taking into account the needs of participants and possible employment purposes. Involving the companies in the sector, operational programs will be planned in real “Internship Projects,” making the learners participate in defining the objectives and contents to be implemented, through the knowledge consolidated during the previous stages of the training courses.
-Activities of accompaniment to business creation and management: The Pole also intends to represent a point of reference of the territory to encourage processes of Start Up of new businesses with high innovative and technological content in the provision of services of promotion – communication and enhancement of typical products and historical, cultural, natural, environmental, food and wine and craft identities of the geographical areas of competence of the Network. (orientation, training paths, consulting and assistance)