Project Title.
P.o.n.B.i.o. “New technologies to serve environmentally friendly agri-food production with special emphasis on the organic supply chain”

Funding Entity
European Union, Ministry of Education University and Research

Proposing entity
– Cosvitec soc. cons. a r.l.
– University of Naples – Department of Arboriculture Botany and Plant Pathology – Faculty of Agriculture
– Romano conserve s.r.l.

To carry out an industrial research and pre-competitive development intervention for the agri-food sector aimed at improving supply chain production based on environmentally friendly processes.

Results Achieved.
– Improvement of organic horticultural production using innovative agronomic practices that increase the yield and quality of final products
– Study and use of new preparations based on “useful” microorganisms as alternatives to synthetic chemical compounds;
– Improvement of processing technologies for organically grown products while safeguarding their quality;
– Improving preservation practices of fresh produce in post-harvest;
– Enhancing typical organic productions through research and development actions;
– Promoting the dissemination of project results in order to foster integration processes among enterprises, research centers and universities.