” Total for Enogastronomy and Catering.”
“Interventions aimed at the vocational training of Italians residing in countries outside the European Union” ‘Notice 1/2007.
Consular Circumscription of Curitiba

Italian Partners
Department of Food Science – Faculty of Agriculture
University of Naples “Federico II”

International Partners
Italian Circle of Brusque

Funding Entity
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The project aims to train 18 professionals who will specialize in the issues of production, processing and the implementation of quality in the wine sector. Aspects of marketing and quality catering will also be explored.
Recipients will enjoy personalized actions to enhance its professionalism useful for the purpose of job placement or reintegration.
Finally, it is planned to hold two workshops open to company managers and all those working in the Italian food and wine and catering sector in Brazil.
The project represents an opportunity for professional insertion for Italians living in Brazil, in a fundamental sector such as wine production and catering. In this way, the relevance of the Italian community is promoted and Italian technical-operational and entrepreneurial models are disseminated in Brazil.