“Master’s Degree in QUality and International Development of the Livestock Supply Chain.”
“Interventions aimed at vocational training of Italians residing in non-EU countries” ‘Notice 1/2004.

Project Title.
QUIZ: “Master’s Degree in QUality and International Development of the Livestock Production Chain” – “Interventions aimed at the professional training of Italians residing in countries outside the European Union” Notice 1/2004 – Consular District of Buenos Aires

Italian Partners
Department of Livestock Sciences and Food Inspection.
University of Naples “Federico II”

International Partners
Club Pyme Italy

Funding Body.
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Through the experiences and contributions of professors, Italian and Argentine entrepreneurs, the Master’s program provides students with a solid basic preparation and technical-economic specialization on the livestock supply chain: breeding, processing, marketing of animal products, international marketing. The project represents an opportunity for professional insertion for Italians living in Argentina, in a fundamental sector such as livestock production. The QUIZ initiative not only specializes Italian students, but also aims to ensure adequate follow-up for professional insertion within the local business fabric. This promotes the relevance of the Italian community and disseminates Italian technical-operational and entrepreneurial models in Argentina.
The project promoted the integrated development of the Argentine livestock supply chain in synergistic line with the Italian one through the enhancement of its strategic potential. The activity was implemented through the organization of a Master’s degree in favor of Italians residing in Argentina, with the involvement of the Faculty of Agriculture of Portici – University of Naples “Federico II”.
The project initiative recognized Italians living abroad, in particular, those residing in the consular districts of Buenos Aires and Rosario, an active subjectivity in the process of international development of the Argentine livestock sector.

Research -The training component of the Master’s degree “Management of QUality and International Development of the Livestock Supply Chain” was structured on the analysis of the matching of the skills required by the market and the skills possessed by the trainees. The training needs required by companies in the production sector, were detected “in the field,” through the processing of data obtained from the dissemination of a questionnaire administered at companies in the livestock supply chain. The skills assessment intended for the trainees noted the knowledge possessed and the skills to be acquired. Didactics-The project’s master’s program covered the following topics in depth.
THEMATIC No. 1: General Management (classroom)
THEMATIC No. 2: Livestock management (classroom)
THEMATIC No. 3: Processing management (classroom)
THEMATIC No. 4: Animal Husbandry and Environment (classroom) Guided tours – Students during the theoretical training phase, participated in guided tours to local and Italian livestock sector companies, observing what they learned in the classroom.