The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production (DMVPA) based at Via Delpino,1 80137 Naples is composed of 89 teaching staff, 47 technical/administrative staff and 30 Ph.D. students in “Veterinary Science. The DMVPA is affiliated with the single-cycle degree course in Veterinary Medicine, interfaculty degree in Animal Production Technology, and Master’s degree in Animal Production Science and Technology. In addition, 7 Postgraduate Specialization Schools, 3 Level I Master’s Degrees, 2 Level II Master’s Degrees, and 19 postgraduate courses are affiliated with the Department.
The zootechnical sector of the DMVPA is interested in the breeding of domestic animals, with particular reference to the production of foods used for rationing animals of zootechnical interest, breeding techniques, nutrition and feeding, and biotechnology of livestock reproduction, conducting studies on production and reproductive problems, with particular attention to the buffalo breed, a leading sector of animal husbandry in the Campania region. Topics of study are the application of state-of-the-art breeding techniques and technologies, improvement of the quality of food of animal origin, sustainability of breeding, genetic improvement, physiology, application of reproductive biotechnologies and safeguarding animal welfare.
The DMVPA will be responsible for the research project and the coordination of partners to carry out the planned activities. More specifically, the DMVPA will be responsible for:
– Of the chemical-nutritional characterization of foods used in buffalo rationing plans;
– of the formulation of innovative dietary regimes based on the use of fresh forages mowed early, with the ultimate goal of improving environmental sustainability (reduced environmental impact), herd welfare conditions and the organoleptic and functional quality of the milk produced;
– Of the optimization of milking techniques, for improved milk raw material and herd welfare and biosecurity conditions.

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