youth successors
Title: YOUTH SUCCESSORS: capacity building for cultural and territorial heritage promotion
Start: 29-12-2017 – End: 30-04-2019
Project code: 589689-EPP-1-2017-1-EN-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
Program: Erasmus+
Cosvitec has always carried out projects of international relevance, as in the case of Youth SUCCESSORS, this is a capacity building action aimed at enhancing and promoting the employability of young people starting from the enhancement of the resources offered by their countries of origin (in Europe and beyond)
Project recipients come from Italy, Greece, Argentina and Spain. Consider the relevant cultural heritage of each of the countries of origin. The young recipients will enhance their entrepreneurial skills, territorial promotion, sustainable tourism, environment, territory and significant cultural heritage.
The project includes two training tracks:
– skills enhancement training courses (in Italy and Greece);
– youth exchange to train youth workers from the Program and partner countries (in Spain).
Project recipients are directly involved in Youth SUCCESSORS activities through participation in transnational training events.
The partnership is composed of public authorities, vocational training centers, NGOs, and representatives of the business and entrepreneurial world, has extensive experience in the field, and has complementary expertise.

In addition to Cosvitec, the consortium consists of five partners from four countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Argentina). Project activities include significant dissemination actions, including the organization of three webinars and electronic guides.
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